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Plug Me In: Smart. Connected. Electrified.

June 19, 2019 | Pearl Stable, San Antonio, TX | 7:30am - 1:30PM

The half-day Summit will feature a slate of speakers from across the country from varied backgrounds and fields of expertise, and will include keynotes, moderated panels and short talks in which speakers will address a number of topics related to electrification including: electric vehicles; mobility; infrastructure readiness; and industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Companies with a technology, device, software platform, or other resource that exemplifies electrification are invited to
apply online for a featured spot on the Summit agenda.  Just a few will be selected to explain their product in a 10-minute TED-talk-style presentation.

Disaster Disabled | Resilience Reinvented

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May 3, 2018

Hurricanes, cyberattacks--what's next? What should the smart business leader be doing now to prepare? Attend EPIcenter's Summit, where industry execs, utility leaders, and business continuity experts will open your eyes to the technologies available to enable business resilience in the face of disaster.


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IoT: A Connected World

June 1, 2017   

EPIcenter's Conference Center launched in June 2017 with a Summit on the Internet of Things. Called "IoT: A Connected World," more than 200 leading business professionals gained an understanding of this innovative technology platform that is changing the way business is conducted. 

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