Advisory services

The business of energy is at a crossroads.

Energy-related companies hang in the balance between tending to the daily buisness of serving customers in the here and now -- and exploring the very innovative technologies that could make their products and services faster, smarter, cleaner, more resilient or more efficient in the future.

The purveyors of innovative technologies, whether startups or expert enterprises, can struggle to offer these solutions and access to the right leadership, decision-makers, and processes at these large, sometimes opaque, juggernauts of energy.

EPIcenter's advisory services bridges this gap and more

EPIcenter's advisory clients receive highly customized and flexible services such as:

For startups or mature companies with an energy-related, innovative product or service EPIcenter can:

What they're saying about us

"Innovations globally, nationally, and locally are advancing at rapid paces. CPS Energy has engaged the EPIcenter Team to help it consider emerging technology proposals that are increasingly submitted to our company throughout the year. We want to cast a wider net for new opportunities that could significantly and positively impact our customers and community. EPIcenter is well positioned to assist with this important work."

- Paula Gold-Williams, Former CEO, CPS Energy
"EPIcenter is a team of incredibly smart, passionate, and experienced practicioners who play a critical role in fostering entrepreneurship and corporate innovation in the energy sector. They have a unique appreciation for the organizational complexities of industries in transition, and were instrumental in driving an intricate, multi-stakeholder partnering effort to introduce an emerging offering to the market."

- Startup Executive with a promising energy storage tool
"I wish all my [partners] were as friendly and easy to work with as you. It makes it easier with you on the case."

- Startup Executive with a backup battery/power solution


Liz ThompsonChief of Epicenter Advisory services