EPIcenter Launches Neighbor Program with Town Hall Meeting

June 27, 2017

SAN ANTONIO, June 27, 2017 ­­ –– On Monday July 10, EPIcenter will host its first neighborhood Town Hall meeting for residents and businesses that live or own property in the 78204 and 78210 zip codes. The event will be held at Freetail Brewing Company located at 2000 S. Presa St. starting at 6:30 p.m. Anyone living or owning property in these two zip codes are welcome to attend. At the event, EPIcenter CEO Kimberly Britton will be joined by Lake Flato Architects to share the latest on the plans to renovate and activate the 100-year-old Power Plant. New drawings will be unveiled.

        “I have been so taken by the keen interest and engagement shown by the neighbors living near the Mission Road Power Plant,” said Kimberly Britton, EPIcenter CEO. “They truly care about its future and our plans for EPIcenter. We value our relationship with them and look forward being a good neighbor.”               

Also at the Town Hall meeting, Britton will officially launch the free EPIcenter Neighbors program which will serve as a forum for feedback from residents and property owners in the immediate area, and a way for EPIcenter to share updates.  Special programs will be offered to EPIcenter Neighbors (ex. annual party on the site, family-oriented programs) that members can register for on the Website. 

        Britton said, “The Town Hall is just the latest example of an intentional and thoughtful effort to ensure that the people who live and work near our future home know that they are a priority moving forward.”

Neighbors weigh in

"Locating EPIcenter in Lavaca's vicinity is a vote of confidence I would not have thought possible,” said Joan Carabin, a retired adult educator who has lived in Lavaca for 25 years. “It sets me back wondering about why we tend to underestimate ourselves as a community. Ours is a challenging neighborhood, full of people’s potential, dreams and aspirations. EPIcenter believes in those dreams.”

Gretchen Garceau-Kragh, a 15-year resident of the area said, “I have walked along Mission Reach for years wondering what would become of the old Mission Road Power Plant. I am delighted that it is being developed into something different and unique for San Antonio as well as the whole country, and that our neighborhood will be the hub for energy innovation.”

“Roosevelt Park Neighborhood Association is thrilled about the activity taking place at EPIcenter and we love the community outreach currently underway,” said Martha Henry, who has lived in the area for more than 10 years. “We have watched with hope for many years as this beautiful, intriguing and historic structure has been reimagined. The innovative ideas swirling around the development are very exciting.”


How to connect

·         Anyone living or owning property in the 78204 and 78210 zip codes is eligible for this FREE program.

·         Register as a Neighbor at www.epicenterus.org/connect .

·         RSVP for the Town Hall meeting on Eventbrite: http://bit.ly/2tjCz7I