EPIcenter’s 2019 Summit “Plug Me In: Smart. Connected. Electrified.” will explore the economy-wide shift toward electrification and the impacts and opportunities for businesses and consumers

June 13, 2019

SAN ANTONIO ­­–– EPIcenter, the hub for energy innovation and thought leadership,will convene its third annual summit on June 19 at the Pearl Stable in San Antonio, Texas. “Plug Me In: Smart. Connected. Electrified.” will take an in-depth look at the trend toward electrification – using electricity to fuel everyday activities that have traditionally been powered with fossil fuels –and what it means to businesses, families and communities. The half-day event will feature more than two dozen speakers in keynotes, moderated panels and short “tech talks” that will address issues related to mobility, infrastructure readiness, policy and regulation, and industrial, commercial and residential applications.

EPIcenter CEO Kimberly Britton said, “We’ve all seen the trend of electric vehicles; however, electrification goes much deeper and broader across more industries than might be imagined. This remarkable slate of speakers will provide inspiration, preparation and motivation to business leaders and consumers to seize new opportunities.”

EPIcenter's Summits launched in June 2017 to examine issues and trends related to energy for an engaged and astute business audience and savvy consumers. The first Summit focused on the Internet of Things, called "IoT: A Connected World." In 2018, EPIcenter’s Summit examined business resiliency in “Disaster Disabled | Resilience Reinvented.”

Highlights from the 2019 Summit’s agenda include:

  • The Coming Surge of Electrification – Discover what the shift to electrification means to the business leader and consumer and how to navigate through the change.
  • The Electrified Utility – High-level utility executives offer perspective about the future of energy in the age of electrification and what it will mean to consumers.
  • Government Policy and Regulation – How government policy should evolve to remove barriers to electrification adoption.
  • The Electrification of Mobility – Experts break down the issues surrounding emerging technology in the transportation sector.
  • Electrification on an Industrial Scale – Industrial leaders are leveraging the latest technology in oil and gas production, agriculture and heavy manufacturing.
  • Electrification for Your Home and Business – Learn how to leverage the newest processes and enabling technologies.
  • Research and Development – Hear from an authority leading the charge at the Electric Power Research Institute.

Ted Talks

  • Go Smart Solar/Big Sun – Expanding solar accessibility to more households with a new business model.
  • Zero Mass Water – Harvesting potable water from the air and a solar panel.
  • UTSA – Powering traffic lights and more from every day road traffic.
  • Incentifind – Connecting green projects to green incentives.
  • Solports – Leveraging solar for electric fleet charging.

Notable speakers include:

  • Marlene Motyka (US and Global Renewable Energy Leader Principal, Deloitte) – an opening overview and explanation of electrification
  • Marco Caccavale (VP Americas, Baker Hughes) – a perspective on electrification in the oil and gas industry
  • Jon LaFollet (Energy System Integration & Storage Leader, Shell) – insight into Shell’s electrification research
  • Paula Gold-Williams (President & CEO, CPS Energy) – a perspective of the challenges and opportunities for the 21st century public utility as it serves its customers
  • Tom Wilson (Principal Technical Executive, Electric Power Research Institute) – highlight electrification experiments and research taking place across the grid
  • Kimberly Llewellyn (Performance Construction Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating) – insight into advancements in HVAC systems
  • Dale Hill (Founder, Proterra) – the nation’s leading manufacturer of battery electric buses

For a complete agenda and list of speakers, and to register for the event, visit  EPIcenterUS.org.