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Power Trip Live!

September 2020

September 9, 2020
12:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Virtual event
registration to open mid-july

EPIcenter's 2020 Summit centers around the topics featured in Dr. Michael Webber's book and docuseries, Power Trip: The Story of Energy.

“ ‘Power Trip: The Story of Energy’ describes the history of energy’s interdependence with water, food, transportation, wealth,cities and security,” EPIcenter CEO Kimberly Britton said. “Our 2020 Summit will look at the innovative and forward-thinking technologies, business models and solutions the future holds for these crucial relationships.”

“I look forward to engaging in meaningful conversations that explore how energy has transformed societies of the past and offers wisdom for today's greatest needs,” Webber said. “We must harness this complex resource to reshape and improve the society of tomorrow.”

The half-day virtual Summit will feature speakers and energy leaders from across the country with diverse perspectives from their field of expertise. Timely keynotes, panel discussions and TECH-Talks will address topics related to chapters in Webber’s book such as lean water systems, microtransit/mobility services, the electrification of food equipment, ‘smart cities,’ fuel logistics and the relationship of energy to producing new materials and machines.

tech talk submission form
EPIcenter is seeking applications from companies with innovative technologies, devices, platforms and other products and services that have a relevant interplay between energy and water, food, transportation, wealth, cities or security.  Selected applicants will be invited to explain their business or product in a 10-minute TED-talk-style “TECH-Talk”presentation during the Summit. The call for entries will end July 27 at 5 p.m.CST.


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