Global Lecture Series

Global lecture Series (GLS) X: What’s Next 365 days later… Global lecture Series (GLS) IX Sustainable by Design: The Credit Human Headquarters Story

Global Lecture Series IX

Sustainable by Design: The Credit Human Headquarters Story

There is a great misconception that building sustainably is not cost effective. That protecting the environment means hurting your bottom line. But this just isn’t true. The new Credit Human headquarters building in San Antonio is 56% more energy efficient than buildings of a similar size, uses 97% less potable water, and is anticipated to have a positive ROI in 13 years or less.  Hear from the building’s owners, designers and contractors on the challenges of the project as well as its positive environmental and financial impact

‍‍Sustainable by Design: The Credit Human Headquarters Story will be moderated by EPIcenter CEO Kimberly Britton. Panelists include Credit Human CEO Steve Hennigan, Glumac High Performance Building Leader Steve Straus and Kirksey Architecture Vice President and Director – Central Texas David Dalton.

March 16, 2021 | 4:o0 - 5:30 PM | Free Virtual Event | Registration required

EPIcenter is using the online event platform Remo. This platform will allow for virtual networking as well as access to the program's content. Please do not register from a mobile phone, but instead register for the event from the laptop or desktop you plan on using during the event. iPads are not compatible with the Remo platform. Click here for more instructions.

Tuesday, March 16th, 2021
4:00 pm - Event Begins, Virtual Networking
4:30 pm - Panel Discussion and Q&A

Watch the event on our Youtube ChannelSee the full press releaseRegister here CLick here for Building images & Videos

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