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The EPIcenter Energy Incubator and Accelerator (EEIA) application cycle has ended, please subscribe to our mailing list for future updates.

The EEIA provides curriculum, coaching, mentorship, connections (access to funding and fabrication laboratories) and services to startups incite the energy evolution. It takes a white glove approach to provide startups invaluable resources to help commercialize their energy innovations and develop sustainable businesses.

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Accepted startups are offered enrollment in one of the EEIA's  (Flip the Switch, Incubator, Accelerator, Associate Membership) and offered a contract for specific services based on its needs and stage of development.



Thank you for considering the EEIA! At the moment, we are not accepting applications, but here are some of the qualities we value in our applicants.

Your project must fit within EPIcenter's mission and objectives relating to energy innovation.
Your project needs to represent a significant potential market opportunity.
You should be able to protect your innovation.
Success requires a solid team of people around the innovation and business.
You should have thoughts and ideas about the business model for your innovation.
The program has expectations relating to the commitment of the team's time, availability, and resources.


An "incubator" initially provides entrepreneurs and innovators with an honest and experienced-based assessment of whether an idea is a science project, a viable product or service, or the basis for a business. If it is a viable product/service or a potential business, then an incubator provides a proven model of coaching and mentoring through the maturation process towards commercialization. The goals of business incubators are to create jobs and foster the entrepreneurial climate in the community, attract or retain businesses to the local region and build or accelerate local new industry growth.

High failure rates for new businesses require incubators to assist their clients with development of a roadmap that offers a reasonable chance for success. The EPIcenter Energy Incubator and Accelerator (EEIA), like other successful small business incubator programs, employs a proven model to help coaches, mentors, and clients with a structured, disciplined approach to create their roadmap, and help the clients hold themselves accountable for reaching their established milestones. The International Business Innovation Association has data that clearly shows that this approach does increase the chances for reaching sustainability.


Our application cycle has ended, click here to join our mailing list for updates.

Do startups have to be at a certain stage of development to be considered by epicenter?

The EEIA can help startups at various stages of development; from the early ideation stages of exploring new business opportunities to scaling operations. Through the application and interview process EPIcenter will do a deep dive with the applicant to learn more and determine 1) if their company is a fit for EPIcenter and 2) if so, what services would suit them best based on their individual needs and stage of development.

However, the EEIA does have some specific criteria for its programs. We encourage you to review the Expectations section for more details.

An Accelerator is a program that assists early stage companies that are ready for an expedited path to market and commercialization.

Yes. During the application and interview process, your stage of development will be determined by our experienced reviewers. Next steps, whether with EPIcenter or not, will be recommended. 

Yes, EPIcenter does have the capacity and resources to accept those in need of an Accelerator on a case-by-case basis. During the application and interview process, your stage of development will be determined by our experienced reviewers. Next steps, whether with EPIcenter or not, will be recommended.

With your input, EPIcenter will match you with a team that includes qualified and experienced coaches, mentors and subject matter experts to provide feedback and consultation through the critical stages of maturation. Your current needs will be assessed and they will work with you to map a course of action. They will identify and facilitate your access to resources in each area required. Refining your business plan, strengthening your pitch deck, sourcing legal advice, a maker space, data, etc. are examples of ways they can help. While EPIcenter does not currently offer physical working spaces, it will in the near future. For now, we can recommend various co-working spaces, as needed. EPIcenter will also work with you to identify potential funding sources, introduce you, as well as prepare you for your pitch. Please note, however, EPIcenter is not a funding source.

See the matrix below for additional information on services offered.

WHat are the Next Steps in the Application process?

The process includes a phone interview with a member of the EPIcenter team, a panel interview with mentors and subject matter experts and mutual discernment about whether EEIA services could help your commercialization journey.  

What is the cost associated with EPIcenter's programs?

Fees are determined by the specific program and negotiation of a combination of monthly fees, equity, and/or a revenue share. We are flexible so we can accommodate your cashflow situation, potential for growth and interest in equity and/or revenue sharing.

If there are four different programs for EPIcenter startups why is there only one application online? What is the difference between the four programs?

The EEIA strongly believes in meeting startups where they are and matching them with the resources they need to achieve their specific goals. Because of this mindset we find it helpful to ask ALL startups the same questions as it gives us a better sense of where they are and where they may need support. Therefore, we have one application for everyone.

The EEIA's four programs (Flip the Switch, Incubator, Accelerator, Associate Membership) each target startups at different stages of development. Don't get caught up on what program you may fall into -- we will mutually explore that throughout the application and interview process as we get to know one another. There may be instances where none of the EEIA's programs are a fit for your company's needs; if that occurs we will do our very best to give you feedback and provide referrals to additional resources or other organizations that might be a better fit.

Still have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to us at incubator@epicenterus.org to schedule a call.

Does EPIcenter FUnd its startups?

Additional information regarding financial requirements will be discussed during the interview process.

No, currently EPIcenter does not provide direct funding or investment to its startups. However, the services, opportunities and expertise provided to its startups provide extreme value.

What are the TIME COmmitments of participating in an EEIA Program?

While the time commitment may vary depending on the level of services provided, in most cases participants should expect to spend ~5 hours a week dedicated to the EEIA.

what are some success stories from the eeia?

The EEIA has helped a number of companies at different stages of development achieve and make progress towards their goals. You can view Client Testimonials HERE.

How do i become a mentor?

Click here to learn more about the EPIcenter Energy Incubator and Accelerator Mentor program.

How do i stay up-to-date on the progress of the incubator?

Our Power Network members are the first to hear about any news or updates. Click here to learn more.

I would like to support the incubator financially. how do i invest, offer a grant, or arrange other financial support?

Contact Jill Vassar, Chief Development and Partnerships Officer, at (210)904-2682 or jhvassar@epicenterus.org.


If you have any questions please contact:

Andi N. LittlejohnChief of The EPIcenter Energy Incubator and Accelerator