Power Trip Live!

Power Trip LIVE! on September 9, 2020, will be conducted over the virtual platform
Remo. EPIcenter has used this platform extensively; please note these Best Practices to ensure a positive experience.
- Tablets:
The platform is NOT compatible with iPads or other Tablets. Please plan to use a desktop or laptop with camera and microphone.
- Bluetooth:
There have been issues with using Bluetooth headsets with Remo.
We recommend that you not use a Bluetooth headset for this event.
- Browser:
If you are using a Mac, make sure to use Chrome as a browser and not Safari.
- Cannot Call In: The platform does not permit any “call in”; a desktop or laptop with camera and microphone are necessary.
-Virtual Background:  The platform does NOT permit virtual backgrounds.  Please be mindful of your physical location.
Slight Delay: There is a very subtle delay when turning your microphone on and off.  It is not very noticeable but we suggest you give your self a quick pause after “un-muting” before speaking.

How will does the virtual format work?

Remo simulates the sense of walking into an actual conference. Sponsor logos are visible, tables are set across the floor, there are a stage, presentation screens and signage. Networking with sponsors, speakers, attendee sand EPIcenter executive leadership will be possible and attendees are alerted before the platform converts from networking to presentation mode. At that time, the screen converts and shows each of the speakers. (Attendees will not be able to share their video or audio during presentations.) The system enables chat and Q&A functions that are moderated behind the scenes. More instructions will be given along the way.



Email us at any time before, during, or even after the event.
We will respond as quickly as possible.